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It is certainly not the largest, about 4 acres, when compared to the green belt in Rabat, or in garden trials, however, it is the oldest, built almost on an experimental basis under the protectorate. But why this name? Impressed by the work of a JCN Forestier, who advocated in 1906, the building of cities-parks, Lyautey, General builder-architect Prost asked to prepare plans taking into account this progressive principle.It was to separate the old medina of the new city, preserving scenic beauty and views. On these plans, easements were visually represented by cones of vision, and was born the garden called the Triangle of view. The apex of this triangle at the urban scale was the government district, skirted the base of the wall along the Andalusian current Boulevard Hassan II.


This is the landscape architect Marcel Zaborski who made the project and the garden was inaugurated in 1924. Much more extensive than the current fleet, it was immediately adopted by the inhabitants of the medina, attracted by this unique place. Adjacent to a mosque, it contained a lake, extensive walkways, a playground, a place for teenagers, a house laboratory, store seeds and tools.
and even a pigeon. With time and the effects of a sometimes uncontrolled urbanization, the Garden of the Triangle of view, embedded among the surrounding buildings and the bus station would retain its name. More or less abandoned, his attendance was not particularly recommended. A comprehensive rehabilitation program, begun in 2007, is again a lovely place in the city center. Bordered by a double row of ficus, the central mall is largely cleared of vegetation and interspersed high, but there are many small enchanting spaces where time stands were renovated with care. The walkways were traced and gravel.
In 2009, public lighting has been enhanced, 2 wells were dug to provide water for watering and feeding the pond where geese and ducks frolic. The kindergarten has received new equipment and explanatory plaques provide names of plant species. Under the old palm trees, green spaces are maintained and flowering plants saisonnières.TRIANGLE SIGHT Finally, it is not uncommon to come across horses in the mounted police that ensures security. Renamed Nhouzat Hassan, the garden has regained its role as a link between the old medina and the new city. Essential in social life and urban, it offers a welcoming, quiet and relaxing. Its usage is governed by both the everyday and relax in summer and winter.
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